Bid Writing

Let us take the bid off your hands, and write it on your behalf. We make your proposals totally painless. It's our most popular service, and for good reason. Find out more below.

Bid Consultancy

Need advice on anything tender-related? We can help. From expert proposal reviews to implementing bid writing best practice. Find out more below.

Tender Search

If you're ready to win but you're struggling to find the opportunities, our tender search services will help. We'll help you find and win the right contracts. Find out more below.

Bid Writing

In the limited scope of a tender exercise, your proposal is the only way to win. Your bid needs to have a big impact on the client. They need to see through your writing that you can deliver better than everyone else.

Using our bid writing service, we will give your bid the winning edge. We will review the opportunity and identify the key win themes. Then we'll collect the information we need from you, and write a stellar bid on your behalf.

The more bids we write for you, the more momentum we can build. We'll become a partner to your business, operating as an extension of your business development team. The result will be a library of strong proposals, and as many contract wins as you can handle.

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Bid Consultancy

You can be confident in your business, but every now and then a bit of expert assurance can help you be sure you're on the right track. Our bid consultancy services cover all elements of bid, tender, and proposal management. Whatever help you need, we can give.

If you have a completed bid, we can review your document. We'll be your fiercest critics, finding every flaw we can and thinking of ways to fix them. This will elevate your proposal to the next level, giving you a winning edge.

Bidding is a complex process; are your teams operating in the best way? We can help you review your whole bid process, including bid/no bid decision-making, proposal assembly, document curation, reviews, and pitches. Make sure you're using best practice with our support.

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Tender Search

£300 billion. That's what the UK public sector spent through procurement in 2016. There are literally thousands of tenders published each year. Almost any company in any industry can find opportunities if they know where to look. But what if you don't know where to look?

If you're ready to win, but can't find the opportunities, our tender search service will help. We'll send you a weekly report with all the tender opportunities we think would be relevant. All you need to do is review the easy-to-digest information and choose the ones you want to win.

Alternatively, if you'd rather look yourself, we can show you how. We'll teach you about tender portals, and how to set-up alerts so that you never miss an opportunity. We can also show you how to search manually without wasting time looking in the wrong places.

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