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We see ourselves as an extension of the companies with which we work. Your bid writer/consultant/trainer should be a partner, and should know your business inside-out. This is why we promote long-term partnerships, building momentum towards more and more wins for you. And crucially...

We love to win tenders! Our consultants are experts in their field, and know exactly what makes a bid blow the competition away.

Our Story

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Ash Dickens


I'm Ash, the founder and director of Momentum Bids. I love competition. I'm a competitive person. This isn't a good trait for a game night, as my friends would tell you.

But it's an excellent trait when I'm writing bids.

It means I focus on what the buyer wants to hear. It means I forego the cliches ("We have a wealth of experience in bla bla bla...") and only write things that people want to read. And it means I always find the winning edge.

My skills have grown by writing for a medley of companies, from supporting SMEs in almost every industry, to my position as a Bids Manager at a top-20 law firm. Whatever the company, the elements of a winning bid remain the same.

If you have questions about how I might be able to help you, or you just want to chat, please get in touch below.

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